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Dear Friends,

We have made the tough decision to close the Pick-Your-Own apples part of Rinker Orchards. 2023 was our last season to be open to the public.

This was not a quick decision, but one we have been considering for some time. Many factors went into deciding to make the 2023 apple season our last. It has been a wonderful 53 years, but all good things come to an end and it is time for us to retire and begin the next adventure.

We treasure all the memories, especially those of you who have been coming for 40 or 50 seasons, and how you shared your time with us sharing your family memories and reminiscing about Ruth. We will remember too, all the new friends: the couple who let us be part of their engagement and their return as a married couple the next year, and those whose child came with his own miniature tractor. And the dogs—who could forget the beautiful and friendly dogs we have met over the years!

One of the hardest parts for us was sharing the decision with our staff all of whom have been with us for 3 to 15 years. Their knowledge, caring, and bubbly personalities is one of the reasons we were able to stay in the Pick-Your-Own business for so many years. Their support and loyalty are unwavering and we are blessed to call them friends. Thanks JoAnn, Greg, Connie, Vivian, Colleen, and Donna.

So, from our house to your house, thank you, for your patronage and friendship. We wish you all the best with lots of love and laughter. We will always think of you with a smile every time we see an apple.

The Rinker Family,
Dudley, Tootie, Sarah and Robin