Types of Apples

Red Delicious

Excellent for eating fresh & salads; poor for baking.

Selection: Good-quality Red Delicious apples will be firm with smooth, clean skin and have a rich red color that is sometimes streaked lightly with yellow or with a yellow cheek

Ida Red Apples

The Ida Red apple is excellent for eating baking and pies, salads and freezing

Selection: Sweetly tart, juicy ,firm pale yellow-green flesh, sometimes tinted rosy pink. Ida Reds make a beautiful pink applesauce. A cross between a Jonathan and a Wagener, they have been around since 1791. Excellent keeping apple

Nittany Apples

Great for baking and cooking. Crisp apple is also a good eating apple

Introduced by Pennsylvania State University, Nittany is a York Imperial type apple possessing outstanding processing characteristics. Its flavor and attractive orange-red color also give it good fresh market potential. The apple can be held in refrigerated storage for up to six months. Flesh oxidizes very slowly and imparts a highly desirable yellow color to processed products.


Excellent for eating and salads, good for sauce, baking and pies.

Selection: Complex sweet-tart flavor, juicy super crisp yellow flesh. Picked in late August.

Golden Delicious

The Golden Delicious apple is excellent for eating fresh, pies & salads; very good for baking, making apple sauce or apple butter.

Selection: Good-quality Golden Delicious apples will be firm with smooth, clean skin and range in color from light green to pale or creamy yellow.

Rome Apples

The best apple for baking, but also good eaten fresh & in salads.

Selection: Good-quality Rome apples will be firm with smooth and clean skin. The coloring is a brilliant and almost solid shade of red with white lenticels - natural tiny white dots that allow the apple to "breathe".

York Apples

The York Apple is good for baking, sauce and pies.

Selection: It is available in early October and has a mild, juicy yellow flesh. It can be eaten fresh but most people find its taste too mild.